Hello sweet people of the universe!

Lucha and Oliver would like to keep you updated with all the crazy, cute and monstrous work we are currently producing for our Valentine’s Show @ Young Blood Gallery Feb 6th 2009.
WE’D LOVE TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU : http://www.myspace.com/428709105

If you are in the Atlanta area please feel free to come to our show!! We would love to have more creatures around to have fun with!!!

The show will showcase only Oliver and Lucha’s work!! but keep tuned in cuz we might need super spectacular work for upcoming fun art shows!!

Hit ABOUT on top to learn more about our show progress…


Chase on right side with Lucha

Chase has the BEST PAIR OF SCISSORS in TOwn!!

Thanks for all your help Chase, we love you!!

Thanks for making the time to attend our show! Hope everyone had a great time!

The show will still be up during february so…swing by!!

T-shirts, fanny packs, totebags also for sale at the gallery!!

Thanks so so much Jenna we truly appreciate it!

outstanding job! Thanks Thanks! Everything was so beautifully done!!

Juan de “El PASTEL” did awesome with his tiny heart chocolate mousse pieces, Sarabeth Noggle and all who helped baking! Thank you

thanks so much guys! u rocked!!

thanks so much guys! u rocked!!

We would like to also thank the guys from The Killer and The Martyr!!

Great Show!! Thanks for making people happy with your music!!

Everyone, please check their myspace page The Killer and The Martyr

Thank you so much for making our Monsters need love too Show possible.

We would like to give special thanks to Kelly and Maggie!!

Thank you very much and thanks to all who made last night!

We couldn’t be happier! MERCI!! MERCI!!

Our logo is getting made into a beautiful vinyl sticker….yeap..can’t wait to see it!

Thanks a lot King Screen! ♪♪◄

hello monster friends!! We are planning on having really yummy-licious treats at the opening so DOn’T u dare to miss it…

…oliver and luchita shall get sugar-rush… Luv you guys…keep posting things!!  We approve of Red and Pink!!! ( • ^ ‿ ^ • ) ♥ ☆彡

More info on treat-ilicious later!!! now back to creatturete lab!!!

If you guys attend to our Monsters Need Love Too Show  you will also have the pleasure of experiencing the great music of The Killer and The Martyr LIVE…

Love Those Guys!! So Irresistibly Talented!! check their myspace page The Killer & The Martyr!!! They are gonna charm you away!!!••• ♫ ♫ ••• ♫ ♫ ••• ♫ ♫

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January 16, 2009